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Shree Malani Foams Pvt. Ltd.
Cenflex Foam is manufactured and sold by Shree Malani Foams Pvt. Ltd.; a company established in the year 2008 with a vision to emerge as a manufacturer of high quality Polyurethane (PU) Foam.
The company is promoted by the house of Centuary brand of mattresses, which is one of the oldest and leading manufacturer of sleep solutions in India.
Since its inception, the company has incorporated the best in technology, powered by innovative research. This drive towards new and better solutions was the genesis of one the best and most advanced PU Foam plants in the country.
Shree Malani Foams Pvt. Ltd. is a leading player in the PU Foam market in the country, mainly due to its product quality and range. Its technical and industrial foams are supplied to various consumers and converters, where as its furniture and mattress grade foams are widely distributed through an extensive retail channel. The company has an extensive network of warehouses and regional offices across the country to help it reach its customers.
Manufactured with latest Technology to give you a Flexi-Puf that just doesn’t sag and so, you have furniture that won’t sag for years.The advanced technology imparts extra strength and ensures flow of airthrough the cells and effectively counters heat generation and ensures high level of comfort and support for years.
SALIENT FEATURES:- Right Balance of comfort,Support and Relaxation for longer period. Self – Ventilating – Keeps it cool in summer and warm in winter. Washable – Inert to water and humidity , easy to remove stains / dust. Hygienic – Odourless, Non – Toxic, Non – Allerginic and Insect – Roof. Reversible – completely homogeneous. Easy to fabricate – can be cut to any size and shape. Light – Weight – Converinent to Carry & and Handle Easily. Durable – No sagging, retains its shape and elegance for years.
Comfort and support
Durability – Does not decompose or disintegrate with time, making it highly durable for long life. Washable – Static to water and humidity,
Easy to remove stains and easy to keep it fresh & odorless. Foldable – Lightweight & easy to carry. Value for money – High cost effective returns value on money spent. MADE UP OF 100% PURE PUF WITH VARIOUS DENSITIES ANTI SAG DURABLE SOFT
High quality100% pure, Pin-Hole Freefoam
ProprietaryXbounce Anti-Sag Technology
Hardness & Resilienceto suit requirement
GoodTensile Strength
Wide range ofFoam Density & Properties
NoOdour even after prolonged use
Accurately controlledCell Structure
Consistent & reliableService

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